时间:2014/6/14 19:30-21:00

Time: 14 July 2014, 19:30 to 21:00


Venue: Shanghai Power Station of Art (Third Floor, Small Auditorium)


Address: Shanghai, Pudong, Huayuanganglu road nr. 200

票价:100元(预售 ,可提前选座)100元(现场)

Tickets: 100 RMB (in advance, with seat number), 100 RMB (at the door)


Reservation hotline: 15921235743(english only)


Online Reservations: lemonkono@gmail.com

林笛的新唱片《棉草纪》在去年11月悄然问世,已然受到许多关注,2006年创作完成,2013年才发行的这一张唱片,其难产的原因却是因为精益求精,力 争完美。在现在唱片业普遍凋零的时代,为一张专辑耗费三年时间三改设计稿,这仅仅是树音乐在封套设计上的追求,之前的录音版本也经历过大改,历时两年,经 过刘星,苏前,张杰等多名著名制作人和录音师的精雕细琢,最终成为了林笛这一部花费时间最多的上乘之作。而这一次的专辑首发音乐会也将是林笛音乐生涯中最 有挑战难度的一次音乐会,除了冷酷仙境乐队的成员们放下电吉他,键盘合成器,拿起中国传统乐器之外,还有民乐高手加盟,由十一个人组成的演出阵容,将完全 有别于林笛以往的音乐会形式。“自然发声,以心会之”,林笛请大家忘却一个半小时的现代生活,让手机和照相机等电子设备沉默,放空身心去体味自然原始之声 妙,跟随演奏者的律动来一起进入“质朴、纯粹、空明”的棉草纪世界。 

Lin Di's The Gossypium Era quietly came out last year November, and was quickly noticed. The album was created as early as 2006, but only published in 2013. The delivery was so long because she reached for perfection. In the current downturn of the record industry, to spend three years and three different designs to get the album cover just right is a tell-tale sign of Tree Music's unique aspirations. The sound recording also saw major revisions over a period of two years. It was carefully fine-tuned by famous producers and recording engineers such as Liu Xing, Su Qian and Zhang Jie. In the end The Gossypium Era became Lin Di's most time and labor intensive piece of work.

On top of that this album release concert has become the largest challenge in her musical career so far. Besides the fact that the members of her rock band Cold Fairyland have had to put down their electric guitars and synthesizers, they are also joined by folk music masters. A line-up of eleven people will bring you a concert that is unlike what Lin Di's has ever done before. “Sound naturally, meet through the soul”, Lin Di will make you forget modern life for an hour and a half, put phones, photo cameras and other electronic equipment to rest, open your heart to replenish from nature's originary wondrousness, follow the pulse of the performers into the “plain, pure, vast” world of the Gossypium.  


Please take notice of the following:


1) In the special stage design for this show the audience will be sitting on futons close to the musicians. Therefor it's important to make early reservations. The earlier you book your ticket, the closer you will sit to the stage. Please inform the reservation office of your desired seat numbers by phone.      


2) If reserved seats are still empty five minutes before the show, they will be redistributed by the staff on a first come first serve basis. The concert will be recorded in its entirety, so please make sure to arrive on time.


3) The recording of the concert will be available as a limited edition of the album The Gossypium Era, for 200 RMB.


4) If you like the “Gossypium Era” futon mat you are sitting on during the concert, you can take it home with you afterward.

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